Mine and Yours



Mine and Yours is an experimental, narrative based iOS app that explores and shares my own memories. The experiences we have in this world are always multi-sensorial. Memory, as snapshots of our experiences, is therefore a collective whole of different sensory inputs and our personal histories. However, it is almost impossible to directly convey our non-linear memories to others (most of us aren’t telepath). Therefore we construct linear narratives/stories that incorporate our memories so that one day they can be shared. 

In Mine and Yours, I want to not only present my memory through narratives, but also preserve and expose the non-linear structures of it to users. The dots(buttons) are scattered around the screen to represent those non-linear thoughts and feelings of mine. The lines are connections of those dots that construct the shareable narratives. 

When we listen to others sharing their memories, we use our heads and eyes as signals of our active engagements in those conversations. I want to preserve this very human gesture in the app so I implemented a head-gaze based control system that allow users to interact with this app with just their head and eye movements.

Full Interaction Cycle


The app is written in Swift. Gaze tracking is implemented with Apple’s ARkit2 which includes several functions that return both left and right eye transformations of the user using the front face true depth camera. I also used an open source library made by eBay (You can find it here) to implement head/gaze user interactions with the screen. You can find the project’s source code in here.